Recruit AI

Brand & Microsite

For this Tokyo startup, specialising in artificial-intelligence-driven recruitment software services, I created a brand identity and responsive microsite to compliment their modern, technological product offering.

One of the objectives of the website was to quickly and clearly explain to the visitor what the software was and how it works, something which the team had struggled to do in the past. I worked with their team to clarify their copywriting and prioritise product information.

The simple messaging is reinforced by stylised and simplified graphical devices designed to quickly and effectively communicate key parts of the product, with a simple call-to-action to convert curious visitors into enquiring potential customers.

The site was designed mobile-first, built in static HTML & CSS and hosted on AWS, so it’s lean, secure and fast.

The idea for the branding is centered around concepts of connections and relationships, but also AI itself through reference to diagrams of neural networks. The graphical device could also be associated with concepts of structures, formulae, models and three dimensional space, conveying something heuristic.

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