Wordpress Website

Project Breakdown

An elegant and sophisticated web presence for Tokyo-based Photographer Benjamin Beech, based on the Wordpress platform using a heavily customised version of an existing theme. When it comes to creating a non-bespoke Wordpress site the choice of theme is of utmost importance and getting this wrong can result in a site that is not fit for purpose, so I guided Ben in the early stages as we shortlisted and whittled down a curated selection chosen by me.

The Design Process

Designing within the constraints of a pre-existing theme comes with its own unique set of challenges, which is only really possible to get right if you have extensive experience having done it before. It also helps if the designer also happens to be the developer which is usually true in my case for these kinds of smaller projects, so after several revisions we were able to settle on a final design and start implementation.

Further Challenges

The theme we were working with had a lot of animations and transitions as well as other more advanced features which, when added to the fact that the site was designed to be fully responsive, made for a huge challenge in customisation. Every tweak to the CSS or the HTML had to be carefully checked and tested across a range of devices to make sure there weren’t any undesired knock on effects due to the changes I was making, in some cases deviating quite far from the original framework. All in all though, not only did we succeed in realising our vision, we also improved greatly upon the original theme while creating an aesthetic and user experience sensitive to the subject matter and with beautiful typography.

About the Typography

Ben’s new design language I created for him in the process of designing his new website and creating his business cards uses two gorgeous typefaces in an effective pairing: Asap by Omnibus-Type and Alegreya from Huerta Tipográfica.