Benjamin Beech — Business Cards

Print Design

Project Breakdown

New business cards to coincide with the launch of the new web presence for Tokyo-based photographer, Ben Beech.

The Concept

Since we both shared an interest in vintage Japanese aesthetics and also because Ben was using a Kamon (the circular motif you see in the image above) as a brand for his photography business, it followed that the business card design could effectively lend from traditional Japanese business card formats and layouts.

In order to zero-in on the most harmonious design we created several different layouts and saw what worked best. Sometimes it helps to print the card designs in the studio and hand cut some mockups in order to check things like spacing and typography. In this case, we were using the traditional Japanese business card dimensions in a combined vertical/horizontal, two-sided configuration with the intention of having the left-to-right English text mirror the top-to-bottom Japanese text on the reverse.

The Final Version

The final version uses a split design with the motif at the top and the text information in the bottom half. The humanist sans-serif used is Asap by Omnibus-Type as per the website, with Alegreya from Huerta Tipográfica used for the titling (in this case Ben’s name on the English side). For the Japanese side we experimented with both Hakushu Kaisho and Gakuran typefaces, evetually settling on the slightly more subtle hand-brushed strokes of the former.