Bebot Postcards

Illustration & Print Design

Project Breakdown

An illustrated on-boarding postcard for a startup tourism chatbot company in Tokyo.

Working in print for a change, the brief was to design a postcard that could be available for customers to take in receptions of participating hotels or handed out to potential users. The card actually forms the first step in the on-boarding process, as each postcard features an automatically generated, memorable, word-based code plus the url for the user to visit to enter it in order start using Bebot.

For the illustration that features on the reverse, I wanted to create something contemporary but which could stand out on a rack. I also wanted to convey roughly what the service was about whilst keeping enough back to pique interest in the viewer (hence the absence of text on the picture side).

I felt that if I did my job correctly it could become something the customer might want to keep as a souvenir of their trip, which may in turn lead to increased word-of-mouth recommendations.