This website you’re looking at now was launched last month replacing what was supposed to have been a temporary minisite but due to the volume of work I was doing for clients it was in place for almost 4 years. In keeping with the new site, I created some new business cards for myself to give out in meetings and at networking events (which I never go to).

In Japan the business card is an essential part of business etiquette and much more than just a way to give your contact details to someone, but that’s a separate article in itself. I just kept it simple with my web address and my email address along with my name and what I do. Mostly just black and white but with a blue and red accent on the front I was trying for something clean, simple and sophisticated. I created them in portrait at 91mm x 55mm on medium stock (220gsm) and with a matte lamination.

They turned out pretty nice and I’m happy with the result. Just have to get out there a bit and hand them out! If you need business cards in a hurry and at a really good price, including design and specification, get in touch and I’ll give you a quote.