If you’re an Adobe Illustrator user and you haven’t got them yet, definitely head over to Hiroyuki Sato’s site to pick up the scripts he’s made for the popular vector drawing software. I have downloaded and installed all of them, but the one you’re going to want to pick up as a priority is Round Any Corner.

This basically allows you to choose an anchor point on a path or shape and round it beautifully using a numerical value to control how smooth or how curved the result will be. You can do this with multiple points at the same time, and it’s way better than the built-in Round Corners effect, but you’ll probably have to try it to see what I mean.

I use it every time I create something in illustrator, almost without fail. Other useful filters in there include Adjust Dashes, which gives you a better result than just going with the built-in dashes, and gives you more control over dash position. Arc Correction is great, as is Cut At Selected Anchors and Join Reasonably.

There are some filters you’ll probably never use, such as Tree-like which creates random paths resembling a tree with branches (although it might be handy for creating hair or fur) and Dance which creates humanoid figures in various dance poses(!).

Regardless of these indulgences by the programmer, we owe him a huge debt of gratitude. If it wasn’t for people like him my life would be considerably more difficult and my creativity more limited. The same could be said for the creators of jQuery. Still, it makes you wonder why Adobe still hasn’t included these features off-the-shelf – after all, we’re up to CS6 now.