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Tokyo Metro Book Share

If you go to Nezu station on the Chiyoda subway line of the Tokyo Metro you will find these unusual bookcases in the shape of metro trains. The books on the shelves can be read whilst sitting in the driver’s compartment of the fist carriage, or you take them with you to read on an actual subway train. It’s things like this that I like most about this city, and that’s the communal nature of the way things work here and how everyone looks out for one another and they aren’t always trying to get one over on someone else, etc. People in Tokyo also don’t feel so desperate that it’s necessary to steal books, and have a great enough sense of civic duty to make sure they return any book they borrow after they’ve finished with it. That’s also why there is no litter on the streets here, I suppose.


3 Responses to “Tokyo Metro Book Share”

  1. teresa Says:

    so cool! i thought this was only being done in europe. i’m sure it will work out a whole lot better in tokyo, considering that everyone is so respectful, as you mention.

  2. Omaha Public Library Says:

    Very cool concept. Thanks for sharing on your blog!

  3. Eric Says:

    That seems like a really good idea, I especially like the way the bookshelf itself resembles a train.

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