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Tokyo Story Minor Hiatus

Sorry for the lack of stories recently, I’ve been mega-busy working on a couple of freelance projects. I’m aiming to get them done before the end of the week, with just the weekend to fix and amend them. It would be nice to get it all out of the way for saturday as it’s going to be sunny that day and I want to get my hanami on. I was running in Ueno park yesterday (Tuesday) actually, as a much needed break from my desk. The hanami is just starting and a few companies and groups had tried to get their cherry blossom viewing parties in early. The blossom wasn’t spectacular yet, but the park was buzzing, so slalom was the order of the day. Abunai!


Tokyo Story Hajime!

It’s finally done. My website about me in Tokyo is complete – and this is the very first post! I had to get it churned out quickly though. I’ve been in Tokyo for 4 weeks, and I’ve got so much stuff to put up, so expect some retrospective postings over the next few days. In a way that’s a good way to work it right now, because I’m not getting to enjoy Tokyo much at the moment. I’m working from morning until night to clear the boards. Things should be back to normal by early March, when I’ll be back out there… Something to invest in at that time: a MUJI bike from the Yurakucho store!