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New Bike

My New Bike

In my first post I was on about getting a bike from Muji. Then I realised how much money I’d already spent, so I went to Takeya and picked up a granny bike instead. It was only ¥9000, which is very good considering it has an integrated lock, a dynamo light which you can engage/disengage. It’s pretty clever all the stuff that comes with it. As you can see, it has a basket on the front which perhaps doesn’t look great, but actually it’s come in useful for sticking bags in on the way back from the supermarket. I think I overloaded it last time and almost buckled the wheel going up and down kerbs. The shop I got it from, Takeya-San in Okachimachi (my neighbourhood), consists of more than one building, spread across a few blocks, with the DIY and bike building detached somewhat from the others. The buildings are all tiled purple on the outside and sell everything related to homewares and furniture, as well as cheap supermarket produce, and even fashion, watches and mobile phones. A very useful thing to have on your doorstep. A bike is pretty much essential in Tokyo if you don’t drive, and it’s a good laugh weaving through the pedestrians and other cyclists (cyclists normally ride on the pavement in Tokyo).