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Fender Guitars x Hello Kitty

Fender Guitars x Hello Kitty

Did you know you can get Hello Kitty guitars? A Fender Stratocaster no less! I don’t know why you’d want one, but, looking at the site, there’s more evidence of Hello Kitty’s rising popularity in parts of the world other than Japan. Here, Sanrio Corp.’s lead mascot is encouraging young girls to pick up the guitar.


Hello Kitty Bling On Sale at Shibuya 109

Hello Kitty Bling

Here you can see the jewel-encrusted items on sale at Shibuya 109, a large department store consisting of several floors of fashion and accessories aimed at ‘Shibuya boys’ and ‘Shibuya girls’. I can’t remember how much the bike cost, but it was A LOT. Ker-ching.