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iPhone Castlevania Encore of the Night

iPhone Castlevania Encore of the Night

If you’ve played the original PS1 version of this game, you have to get this iPhone version! It’s based on the cult Konami classic Castlevania – Symphony of the Night, famous for its musical score (hence the title). This new iPhone version is actually a puzzle-based RPG, unlike the original which was an action RPG platform game, but it still retains the original music! I was going to play this game whilst travelling on the Tokyo Metro, but I ended up playing it at every opportunity, as should you.
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Megami Ibunroku Devil Survivor


I was watching TV last night, and I saw an advert for a new Nintendo DS RPG set in Tokyo. It’s great because the locations seem to be accurate. I recognised the Tokyu Hands store in Shibuya in one of the sections, plus you’ve got combinis in there, etc. Plus, of course, the artwork looks nice. It features regular Tokyoites taking on demons and monsters in the streets of Tokyo – looks like it might be a good game. I’m buying my DSi on Monday. More to follow…

UPDATE: I still haven’t committed to buying my DSi. I spent a fortune in Harajuku and Ginza on Monday, so I’m reluctant to fork out for one.