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Cheap Cinema Day

Still exploring what’s coming up in terms of Tokyo cinema in the near future, I discovered that 1st March is ‘almost half price cinema day’! The usual ¥1800 entry fee comes down to ¥1000 only (about 5 quid), for a short time (maybe that day only), so I’m hitting Yurakucho to see a movie or two. The problem still remains that the movie will be in Japanese and will have no English subs, unlike the blockbusters shown at Roppongi Hills. I was there the other day for American Gangster. I really wanted to see Sweeney Todd, but majority rules. I’m definately going back to Roppongi Hills in the near future. I also need to tell you about the automated car-parking facilities there, but I still haven’t figured out how they do it yet. Plus I took no pictures last time. I’ve learned my lesson though; I always carry my camera with me from now on. Roll on March 1st!