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Monocle Tote Limited Edition (exclusively for subscribers)

Monocle Tote

Monocle are now offering this limited edition tote bag for every subscriber. It’s made in collaboration with Porter, the legendary Tokyo bag company that readers may remember from a previous post. I personally love the design and everything about it. I haven’t subscribed yet, but I’m seriously considering it. That is, if they ship to Japan.


Sapporo Chocolate Beer

Sapporo Chocolate Beer

Returning to the topic of beer, here’s some breaking news: The Sapporo brewery of Japan will soon be releasing another limited special variety for 2009 – chocolate beer! The results from a collaboration between Sapporo and Royce, a Japanese chocolatier also operating out of Sapporo in the north of Japan. It looks like it’s going to be a stout much like the Yebisu Black Beer I sampled the other night. Can’t wait to try it. Review coming soon.