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Salaryman Busts Loose

Japanese Salaryman – Virtuoso Performance in the Key of Awesome from Stephen Smith on Vimeo.

A Japanese Salaryman, wound up and overworked, unleashes a fireball of musical self-expression on a Friday night in Tokyo. I came to the conclusion that he is by far the coolest salaryman I’ve ever seen: he fell asleep on his keyboard during the interlude.


Sure Languages

Sure Languages

A new piece of work I did for one of my freelance clients is now up! Sure Languages is a language services company (i.e. translation and interpreting) based in the beautiful city of Bath, UK. They’re superb at what they do, offer great service, and are a nice bunch of people to boot. Which means, if you require language services, no matter where you are in the world right now, talk to these people. They’re extremely professional, and very efficient, and their new website isn’t bad either!