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Radio Tokyo Volume 3 – Late Summer

Radio Tokyo Volume 3 - Late Summer

Summer is still very much with us here in Tokyo – it’s still hot and humid and free time is usually spent sitting in the park listening to music. You can however feel that Autumn might be on its way, so here is a new episode of Radio Tokyo to suit. I don’t really prefer any particular genre when it comes to music, but a phenomenon that pretty much sums up my summer of 2011 is the continued rise of throwback sub genres of U.S. indie synthpop, namely Glo-Fi and Chill Wave, Dream Pop amongst others. It seems like the rehash of the 80’s sound is set to continue and a few proponents of this mainly American sound seem to be channeling The Beach Boys (in a good way). This ties in pretty well with my summer because I’ve been getting more nostalgic in my hobbies and the way I dress and we’ve been playing a lot of old school video games in this ¥50 arcade in Shibuya. So without any further ado, click to listen below and check the playlist:


  1. Despicable Dogs – Small Black
  2. Slow Peels – Com Truise
  3. Kim & Jessie – M83
  4. Collapsing At Your Doorstep – Air France
  5. Stay Close – Delorean
  6. Burn Bridges – Dom
  7. Please Stay – Summer Heart
  8. Swimming Field – Memory Tapes
  9. You – Gold Panda
  10. David – The Radio Dept.
  11. Midnight City – M83

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