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Radio Tokyo Volume 2 – Ode To Concrete

Radio Tokyo Volume 2 - Ode To Concrete

For the second in the Radio Tokyo series, we will be exploring soundscapes befitting the metropolis. Post-dubstep IDM with plenty of dark undertones and melancholic aural atmospheres in this decidedly city-centric episode ode to vacant plots, government housing projects and urban decay. Showcasing in Volume 2 will be mostly artists from Warp and Hyperdub imprints. Here’s the playlist:

  1. Forgive – Burial
  2. Digital Fauna – Zomby
  3. Out In The Streets – Africa Hitech
  4. Foil – Autechre
  5. Flat Of The Blade – Massive Attack
  6. Klavierwerke – James Blake
  7. 124 – Photek
  8. Midnight Request Line – Skream
  9. Spicy Sammich – Flying Lotus
  10. Gangslap – Africa Hitech

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3 Responses to “Radio Tokyo Volume 2 – Ode To Concrete”

  1. VITAL Says:

    Sweet nostalgic …

    Great job!

  2. soundcloud promotion Says:

    Great stuff! This is example why you cant dislike electronic music. Worda!

  3. LArchjason Says:

    Very nice! Perfect for tonight’s analysis…

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