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Radio Tokyo Volume 1 – Airspace

Radio Tokyo Volume 1 - Airspace

A little foray into the art of Podcasting here. The first in a series of radio broadcasts / mixes. This first one is something of an experiment. Haven’t gotten used to the software yet, so not as well made as I’d like, but still; this first episode takes an aeronautical theme, inspired by the airliners that pass over my house on their way to the newly opened international runway at Tokyo Haneda Airport.


  1. Blue Calx – Aphex Twin
  2. Wing Body Wing – Four Tet
  3. Amo Bishop Roden – Boards of Canada
  4. Hilarious Movie of the 90’s – Four Tet
  5. Genshi – Susumu Yokota
  6. Circling – Four Tet
  7. Cocoon – Bjork
  8. Goodbye – Kevin Shields
  9. There is a Number of Small Things – Mum
  10. Pink Stones – Memory Tapes
  11. Z Twig – Aphex Twin
  12. Auto Pilot – Lusine icl

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4 Responses to “Radio Tokyo Volume 1 – Airspace”

  1. VITAL Says:

    Great stuff!
    Nice music taste, like it :) Keep on posting!

  2. pb Says:

    I really like it a lot. thanks for sharing :}

  3. Parksy Says:

    Awesome shit bro, chur

  4. Stephen Says:

    Cheers Mat! Hope NZ is treating you well!

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