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My Local Sushi Place

I’ve had so much good food recently but always forget to take a picture in the heat of the moment. Having a 3GS doesn’t help matters as it has a potato camera, but I’m just holding on until this Autumn for the new iPhone. Still, just so happened to have my good camera with me when I was at my local sushi place the other day and took this picture of what I always order these days. It’s summer, so it’s super hot in Tokyo and I always feel like eating something cold and refreshing, and sushi is one of my favourite Japanese foods, so inevitably I end up here and ordering this. It’s 16 pieces of sushi, salad and a bowl of miso soup (which is amazing too by the way – they always have good dashi fish stock at sushi places). It’s not the best sushi you’ll find obviously, but you get all this for ¥1,100. Compared to London, that’s a steal and anyway, the stuff in London doesn’t come close. This particular restaurant is near my apartment in Kasai, east Tokyo. Sorry, can’t remember the name – will update later.


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  1. Hanty Says:

    Dude i love my 3GS but not as much as i think i would love that sushi it looks amazing – keep sharing keep the 3GS

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