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In Search of the Illusive Super Potato

Super Potato

I live near Akihabara, I have a bike, I have the internet and all the geographical data that comes with it, but I still can’t find Super Potato! If you don’t know what it is: it’s the promised land for nostalgic children of the 80′s and video game freaks. 50,000 old titles for games consoles spanning 20 years. NEO-GEO, SEGA, Nintendo, etc. etc. Take a walk up to the top floor and I hear it has a video arcade full of all the most classic beat ‘em ups and other craziness. Looks like I’d better don my Fatal Fury Special and Street Fighter 2 cap! I won’t speak too much else about it, other than to say that I’m going to find it tomorrow or die trying.

UPDATE: I checked the maps again, and it’s a bit embarrassing because it’s so easy to find. I can see where I went wrong though; When I left the house without a print out but extremely confident in my ability to remember the location. Tomorrow – I’m there. Google also told me that Super Potato is a big interior design company based in Tokyo. They recently worked on the design of Caretta Shiodome entertainment complex, which also houses an advertising museum. So I added it to my list.


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