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Drifting into Tokyo, ANA Flight 201

Drifting into Tokyo, ANA Flight 201

The flight was great. Complementary Asahi beer and Suntory whisky, the Asahi beer coming in a can that was totally different from the ones you get in the UK. They sort of have ridges around the top of the can, and the aluminium they’re made of is so strong you’d struggle to crush it in your hand. To compliment the booze, there were bags of snacks handed out containing wasabi peas, peanuts, rice crackers, fish crackers(?) etc. I wasn’t that taken by the film choices (I gave up on Rush Hour 4 during the first few minutes, when Chris Tucker was doing Michael Jackson dance moves whilst directing traffic), so I put on the headphones and switched to the music channels. I found something to complete the picture. With Asahi beer, Japanese snacks, and the fried chicken and rice on it’s way, I was able to drift into Tokyo to the sounds of Enka music; a female Japanese singer in this case, which instantly reminded me of a song on the soundtrack to Kill Bill: Vol.1, The Flower of Carnage by Meiko Kaji. At this point I was starting to get excited.

UPDATE: Actually, I did watch a film. It was good too. It was called “The Invitation from Cinema Orion”, a Japanese film with English subs. It’s based on the short story from the best-selling collection “Poppoya” by Jiro Asada. It’s worth a look, in fact they showed it at last year’s Tokyo Film Festival.


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