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Apartment 201 on flickr

Apartment 201 on flickr

Some photos of my new place are up on flickr, sorry there’s not many of them – I don’t have that many rooms! I’ve only been here a little over a month, and have only been in this place a couple of weeks tops, so still getting settled in. This is my first real experience of Tokyo city life, and it’s great! There’s a panel on the wall where you can arrange for a bath to be run. Automatically! You can also set the temperature, accurate to 1 degree C! Cooking appliances are somewhat compact, but functional. Heaters are standard issue aircon units: bad for keeping you warm in winter, no good for keeping you cool in summer, and great for creating mounds of lint and making you ill. That’s not a gripe though – it’s an observation! It’s a great place, and my ends is a great place to live. Lots of cheap shops and cheap restaurants, and a short walk to electric town, Akihabara.


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