This is the personal site of graphic designer friend of mine, Trent McBride. Like me Trent does freelance, but focusses less on the development side and more on the visual side of things. For this reason he called me in to customize a Wordpress theme so that it fit the vision he had for his site.


It was extremeley difficult to achieve exactly the mockup he had put together in Fireworks, but after aquainting myself with the reems of CSS and after hacking and reprogramming parts of the theme I finally got it exact, give or take a pixel. The header banner you see above was pretty hard to get right as there was a parallax scroll effect on the title text, but other elements within the header should remain fixed, such as the social networking icons, and had to employ rollovers and other subtle effects.


Another important thing to point out is that the whole theme was responsive, or adaptive if you prefer - meaning the layout would react to changes in viewport size. This site therefore looks great on all devices, including tablets and smartphones and makes best use of the available screen space at a range of common resolutions. This made the customisation process of the theme much more complex though and really tested my wits.

The outcome however was excellent and we're both really happy with the result. In the process I deepened my knowledge of adaptive web design and Wordpress which I've already been able to put to good use in my other work.