The University of Tokyo is Japan's best and most prestigious, so when I was offered the chance to work for them I jumped at it. I created a brand and website with full CMS for the series of talk events for TFAP - Tokyo Forum for Analytic Philosophy.


The website allows the client to update all of the content on the website through an elegant, fully bespoke control panel. Not working with an off-the-shelf CMS allows me to reduce the amount of clutter in the back-end to an absolute minimum which makes things less confusing for the user, increases overall user-friendliness and speeds up the administration process.


Although the specification was for a site that was mostly utilitarian, there was still some room for creativity and, working with one of the professors from the Department of Philosophy, we worked together to produce a logo and colour scheme which could inform the rest of the design.

The website provides information for participants and provides a calendar of forthcoming and past events, all of which are ordered and categorized automatically by the system with no need for manual input from the administrator. New events can be added and old events can be edited and deleted which makes this site fully updateable ensuring that it can be used for a long time to come.