Sure Languages is a language translation company based in the UK. My role for them was to create a new website and brand that would refelct the company's high standards in quality and professionalism while differentiating them from the competition.


The site itself is really quite large, but each page was created in their CMS. The CMS I created for them gave them the freedom to create a wide range of page designs while constraining that to fit within the existing design. The site has been lifted with some jQuery flourishes and jQuery was also employed to integrate a Captcha feature to cut down on the high volume of spam that was coming from their online quote form. I worked with the company to craft a quote flow that was streamlined and easy to use.


The logo was drawn in Illustrator and reflects the comapny's global network of translators, languages offered and the nature of what they do. We referred to it as the orange peel logo due to its shape and that turned out to be a great fit for their company printed material and online presence alike.