The brief here was for micro-site for prestigious Tokyo University, which I suggested might be best as a single page site with scrolling sticky header navigation, which they went for and in the end it worked very well as almost an approximation of elongated poster inside the browser.


The event was a philosophy symposium with guest speakers invited from all over the world, and due to take place in the University's newly built research centre in the south west corner of the main campus at Hongo-sanchome, Ito International Research Center (what used to be a car park).


The site was unusual in that it was an academic site and therefore had to be visually appealing but practical and utilitarian with a serious air (no place for bright colours, kitch or whimsy here, I'm afraid). This was both a challenge and a boon for design at the same time. By keeping the site bookish and academic it was actually easier as the marketing aspect was considerably more muted than that of my previous projects.