I designed and set up this e-commerce site selling fine art Japanese ceramics to customers primarily outside of Japan. That's why I was enlisted to work on the project as this was for a Japanese start-up and they wanted to hire someone with native experience of targeting English-speaking markets. I also designed the branding with a view to developing this in future with packaging materials and stationery.http://www.mottojapan.com/


I was also responsible for the social media marketing through email, facebook and twitter in order to boost exposure and build a customer base prior to launch. This involved creation of a special temporary mini site which ran a competition designed to build a mailing list of followers ready for when the online store was set to open.


The end result was a very pleasing, clean site with great products, great photography and for a project I'm really interested in. Some of the products on sale were made by artisans of Japan bestowed with the title of Living National Treasure. These guys know their pottery.