InspireMeForward is a mentoring and inspiration sharing community still in its development stages. First comes a blog to allow discussion of the scope of the project being run by a guy here in Tokyo. I was responsible for the branding and illustration.


I was inspired by the Dr. Fritz Kahn illustration entitled Der Mensch als Industriepalast, but what I wanted to do was somewhat different in that I wanted to represent inspiration taking place within the mind. Diagrams from psychology books also helped give me ideas. Because of the imagery being used and the approach I was taking I wanted it to have the same retro look and feel as those very same illustrations but without being so much so that they no longer appeared modern.


The logo being a bulb might appear obvious but by changing the filament to form a cursive Me logotype I felt I had made it distinctive enough to serve its purpose. It communicates the message without being overly overt and still looks elegant. It was all handdrawn in Adobe Illustrator.